ShoreTel Sky DeviceLink

Official Product Name

ShoreTel Sky DeviceLink

One Remarkable Thing

ShoreTel offers the ATA device installation as a service.

Long Description

ShoreTel Sky DeviceLink is a one time service which provides configuration and installation of an ATA.  ATAs are often connected to a company's analog door buzzer or overhead paging system to the clients new ShoreTel Sky Phone Service. Now, ShoreTel offers the ATA device installation as a service. No need to contract a third party for this service.


Q: How Do I request this service? 

A: Contact ShoreTel Sky Support via phone or email 

Q: How long does the setup and configuration take? 
A: Once a date is scheduled, installation should take approximately 1 hour

Q: Will the analog device itself be supported? 
A: No, we will only ensure that the ATA is properly configured and that it is connected to the analog device (e.g.: Overhead Paging System; Door Buzzer).

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Requirements and Prerequisites

  • ShoreTel Sky Service
  • Compatible ATA Hardware (compatible ATAs are available for purchase)
  • ShoreTel Sky Analog Profile which is required for the ATA to function
If you wish for the device to be installed and connected to your door buzzer or paging system you will also require a compatible
  • Door Buzzer System; OR
  • Paging system

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