ShoreTel Sky Mobility


ShoreTel Sky Mobility extends voice and unified communications (UC) applications to mobile devices. Users are able to leverage a single converged device for both business and personal communications, and access desk phone and UC capabilities on their smart phone or other mobile device without having to learn a new interface.

In addition to offering users a dual persona that ensures easy separation of personal and business identities on a single mobile device, ShoreTel Sky Mobility automatically and securely selects the best available network - Wi-Fi or cellular - without any action by the user. The solution will be available to ShoreTel's Cloud Division clients for a monthly fee per user. Support for additional smartphone and tablet devices is coming soon.


Release Notes

For release-related information about the current version of ShoreTel Sky Mobility, read our ShoreTel Sky Mobility Release Notes.

To see a brief overview of ShoreTel Sky Mobility, click here.



The following features are supported:
  • VoIP over Wi-Fi
  • VoIP over 3G/4G (Wi-Fi only iPad and iPod touch devices do not support calls over cellular data)
  • Reverse Dial
  • Personal Dial
  • Extension Dial
  • Call Transfer / Transfer to Desk
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Hold / Resume
  • Corporate Directory
  • Multiple Call Support
  • Call Forwarding
  • Ad-hoc Conferencing
  • Business and Personal Calls
  • ShoreTel Dock (for iPhone and iPad devices with 30-pin and Lightning connections)


The following features are not supported:
  • Enterprise Voicemail Waiting Indicator
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Presence / Instant Message
  • Call Recording (ShoreTel Sky Replay)


Supported Devices and OS

Apple Devices / iOS Versions

Android Devices / OS Versions


Apple iOS



For usage instructions, see our ShoreTel Sky Mobility Use article.

Changing Mobility Password

NOTE: The following functionality was released, but is temporarily experiencing problems. To change your Mobility password, contact ShoreTel Sky Support.

If you have the ShoreTel Sky Mobility service, changing the phone/voicemail password for your ShoreTel Sky phone now automatically changes your ShoreTel Sky Mobility password. Previously, changing your ShoreTel Sky Mobility password required contacting ShoreTel Sky Support. You can change your voicemail password either in the ShoreTel Sky Portal or on your phone. See our Password Management article for instructions to change your voicemail password. 

After changing your voicemail password, as a precaution to prevent any disruption in your service, you should close the ShoreTel Sky Mobility application on your mobile device and then restart the application. Otherwise, it is possible that the ShoreTel Sky Mobility application could be out-of-synch, not recognize the new password, and no longer allow outbound calls.

Download and Installation

The following instructions are for ShoreTel Sky customers only (not for internal ShoreTel Sky staff members):

  1. Download and install the ShoreTel RoamAnywhere Client
  1. After installing, launch the app, and when prompted, enter the following information based on the Mobility Cluster (router) used for the client's account. (Contact ShoreTel Sky Support to find out which Mobility Cluster is assigned to your account.)
    • SMR1
      • Mobility Router Address:
      • Username: Your phone number
      • User Password: Your phone password
      • Remote Provisioning: ON
      • Remote Server Address:
      • Remote Server Port: 443
    • SMR2
      • Mobility Router Address:
      • Username: Your phone number
      • User Password: Your phone password
      • Remote Provisioning: ON
      • Remote Server Address:
      • Remote Server Port: 443
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts (the following are examples of on-screen prompts using an iPhone):

iPhone setup: screen 1

Mobility iPhone 1

iPhone setup: screen 2

 Mobility iPhone 2

Mobility for Android: Setup




Q: Even when the Mobility application is not active, incoming calls to my business number continues to ring on my mobile phone. Can I turn that off?
A: Yes, you can turn that off by turning on Do Not Disturb on the Mobility app by going to More > Settings > Call Settings > turning on DND

Q: Can I use my Mobility license on more than one mobile device?
A: Yes, you can have up to three mobile devices logged in at the same time.

Q: Can I make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi connection?
A: Yes. 

Q: Do you offer a trial for the Mobility solution?
A: No, unfortunately at this time we do not have a trial. 

Q: Will there be a version of ShoreTel Mobility for other mobile OS/devices?
A: Yes, we add support for new devices and operating systems frequently. Ask your representative for a current list of supported devices. 

Q: Can I use Mobility with the Shoretel Sky Call Center?
A: Mobility will function within the queue system, however answering a call on Mobility will not change your presence within the queue.  This may cause additional queue calls to be sent to your device.


Q: Is the ShoreTel Mobility compatible with Apple iPhone 3G?
A: No.

Q: Can the ShoreTel Mobility application have a different ring tone from mobile calls?
A: No. Unfortunately you cannot change the ring tone separately.

Q: How do I configure the ShoreTel Mobility application to only use the Wi-Fi network?
A: Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn Airplane Mode on via Settings > Airplane Mode
  2. Turn Wi-Fi on via Settings > Wi-Fi and choose a network
  3. On ShoreTel Mobility application, More > Settings > Network > Network Selection > select WiFi

Q: I accidentally activated Siri, how do I turn off 'raise to speak' for Siri?
A: To turn off 'raise to speak' for Siri, follow these instructions

Q: My company requires a lock code on my iphone 4/4s by the time I input my code to answer the ShoreTel Mobility call, it usually goes to voicemail or hangs up before I can actually get to the call.  Is that the expected behavior?
A: Yes.  Calls that are being forwarded to the ShoreTel Mobility app had already been ringing for a couple of rings before it connects to your cell phone.

Known Limitations/Issues

General Limitations

  • If you have Call Screening or Call Forwarding enabled, incoming calls to the Mobility application will display the phone number of your desk phone.
  • The ShoreTel Mobility application may not function as expected if you are simultaneously using a SIP softphone.
  • While on 3G/4G, users must 10-digit dial into a ShoreTel Sky Conference bridge. If a user 4-digit dials into a conference bridge, DTMF does not work.
  • Upon initial activation of ShoreTel Mobility for an account, there is a 1 business day delay between voicemail functionality and account activation. This delay, which is only experienced upon initial account level activation, occurs because ShoreTel Sky Support must perform configuration to ensure correct voicemail functionality within the ShoreTel Mobility application. No other feature functionality is impacted.
  • Calls over ShoreTel Mobility are not recorded even when you have ShoreTel Sky Replay added to your managed profile.
  • ShoreTel Mobility does not work with Phone Assistant or CTI adaptors.

Apple iOS Limitations

Apple iOS is a closed OS with limited APIs for Mobile UC. Mobility has gone to great lengths to provide a very native experience for VoIP calling and device integration.

  1. While on a VoIP call, an incoming cellular call will automatically put the VoIP call on hold
  2. Incoming VoIP calls cannot unlock the device - the user must enter their PIN and then answer the call
  3. Native call logs are not available in the ShoreTel Mobility application
  4. When making cell calls, the call will end in the native dialer and the user must manually launch the Mobility dialer for the next call
  5. Buttons do not work on Bluetooth headsets for Wi-Fi calls

Android Limitations

Bluetooth support for VoIP calling is an experimental and unsupported feature. You may observe unexpected behavior during VoIP calls when a Bluetooth audio device is connected.

Activate Service

Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers) can do the following to activate the ShoreTel Sky Mobility service in the ShoreTel Sky Portal.

  1. Log into with email address and user password
  2. Navigate to Organization > Phone System > Add-on Features
  3. In the Add-on Features screen that appears, click the Activate button next to ShoreTel Sky Mobility.
  4. The Settings dialog box opens displaying the following fields, most of which are visible and modifiable by only ShoreTel Sky Support.
    • Mobility Router - This field shows the ShoreTel Mobility Router assigned to your account.
    • Group Name - This field shows the group name assigned to your account.
    • Voicemail Access Number - This field is for the 10-digit phone number that you dial to access your business voicemail system.
    • Access Number
    • Reverse Dial Number
    • Handover Number
  1. Select the "Send email notification" check box to ensure that authorized personnel in your organization are notified whenever any of these settings are changed. 
  2. Click OK to save the settings.
  3. Click OK again when asked to confirm the purchase of the license.
    • Note: You can proceed to adding users, but complete activation of ShoreTel Sky Mobility requires that you contact ShoreTel Sky Support online, via email, or by phone.

Manage Settings

Your organization's ShoreTel Sky Mobility service is built with default settings that are applied to every new user. Authorized Contacts (Decision Makers and Phone Managers) can manage settings for ShoreTel Sky Mobility by using the instructions in the following Add Users and Remove Users sections. Only ShoreTel Sky Support is enabled to Edit Account Settings and Edit User Settings.

Note: When viewing the ShoreTel Sky Mobility screen that appears after clicking the Manage button on the Add-on Features screen, the new tabular format screen enables you to customize your view of data. You can drag columns to different locations, change column width, and right-click within the column headings area to make selections to show or hide any of the columns of data that are displayed on the screen. Additionally, tabular formatted screens provide a new "Multiple values search" field. For instructions, see the Multiple Values Search article.

Edit Account Settings

Only ShoreTel Sky Support has the ability to update the Account Settings for your Mobility service. Note that changes to account settings are applied only to new users and do not impact existing user settings.

Add Users

Authorized Contacts - Use the following instructions to add users to your ShoreTel Mobility service:

  1. Log into with email address and user password.
  2. Navigate to Organization > Phone System > Add-on Features
  3. In the Add-on Features screen that appears, click the Manage button next to ShoreTel Mobility.
  4. In the ShoreTel Mobility screen, click the Add button, which opens a ShoreTel Mobility dialog box displaying a list of all inactive users.
  5. Search for the desired user(s) and select the check box next to the desired user name(s) that you want to activate.
  6. Click OK, then click OK again when asked to confirm the purchase of the ShoreTel Mobility license.

Edit User Settings

Only ShoreTel Sky Support has the ability to edit individual user settings for your Mobility service.

Remove Users

Authorized Contacts - Use the following instructions to remove users from your ShoreTel Mobility service.
  1. Log into with email address and user password.
  2. Navigate to Organization > Phone System > Add-on Features
  3. In the Add-on Features screen that appears, click the Manage button next to ShoreTel Mobility.
  4. In the ShoreTel Mobility screen, which displays a list of active users, search by Name and Phone Number for a desired user.
    • You can also sort users by clicking any of the column headings.
  5. When you find the desired user, right-click anywhere in the row of the user.
  6. Select the Delete ShoreTel Mobility option to remove the user from the service.
  7. Click OK to confirm the delete.

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