International Calling


An international call is a call to a number dialed outside of your country.

Dialing International Numbers

To make calls to another country, lift the handset to receive a dial tone and enter your "Outbound Dial Digit" followed by 011, which is the international access code, and then the "country code" followed by the local number. In addition to country codes, some countries also have city codes that you dial after the country code but before the local number.

International Calling Rates

You can view and download our current international calling rates document.


Q: When I dial an international number, it is not connecting.
A: International numbers can take up to 3 seconds to connect. If you are experiencing a delay longer than 3 seconds, please contact "ShoreTel Sky Support" with the number you dialed, the time of the call, and the extension you dialed from.

Q: When I dial an international number, I am hearing a ring different from what I hear when I dial other numbers.
A: If you dial an international number, you will hear a distinct ring that differs from the sound you hear when you dial within your own country.

Q: When I dial an international number, I am getting the error message "Call cannot be completed as dialed."
A: Your company may have restrictions on international dialing. Check with your "Phone Manager" to make sure you have access to dial internationally.

Q: How do I block International Dialing?
A: If you are the "Phone Manager," you can contact "ShoreTel Sky Support" to block international dialing within your company.

Q: What am I charged for placing international calls?
A: Click the link in the International Calling Rates section above to view the current rates.

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