For many organizations, the fax machine remains an integral part of the communications tool set. ShoreTel Sky provides solutions to accommodate and enhance traditional faxing.

Supported Configurations

ShoreTel Sky Fax Only

ShoreTel Sky Fax is an email-to-fax service that can be used for all of your inbound and outbound faxes. Most (if not all) of the documents that you normally fax are supported document types for the ShoreTel Sky Fax service. All supported document types can be easily attached to an email and sent to any fax number. For any unsupported document types or documents not saved on your computer, the use of a scanner is required to save the document on your computer. For more information, see the ShoreTel Sky Fax article.

Inbound ShoreTel Sky Fax with Outbound Fax Machine

All inbound faxes are delivered to an email address, public folder, or distribution list in your organization's email system. The people sending faxes to you use a 10-digit ShoreTel Sky Fax number and do not experience any changes in the way they send faxes. All outbound faxes are sent using your physical fax machine connected to a "POTS" line. This hybrid solution enables the continued use of a fax machine, but with time and cost savings.

Inbound Forward to POTS, Outbound via POTS

If you want to maintain use of your physical fax machine, we recommend that you have a "POTS" line for the fax machine. ShoreTel Sky can "port" the fax number and then permanently forward it to the "POTS" line.

Unsupported Configuration

ShoreTel Sky does NOT recommend or support faxing via ATA's due to the unpredictable nature of the T38 fax protocol and because ShoreTel Sky does not support T38 protocol entirely throughout all of our carriers.


Q: What fax solutions are available?
A: Please see the list of Supported Configurations listed above.

Q: Which fax solution does ShoreTel Sky recommend?
A: ShoreTel Sky recommends the ShoreTel Sky Fax (email-to-fax) service for each employee who receives faxes, along with a scanner or fax machine (connected to a stand-alone POTS line).

Q: Can I use my current fax machine?
A: Yes. You will need your fax machine if you choose the stand-alone POTS line option. The ShoreTel Sky Fax (email-to-fax) service eliminates the need for a fax machine, but a scanner is required to scan hard copy documents that are not saved on a computer.

Q: Who will configure and install my fax solution?
A: The ShoreTel Sky team will configure the ShoreTel Sky Fax (email-to-fax) service. If a fax machine is desired, but not already installed, you will need to install your own fax machine. Note that a stand-alone POTS line is installed by your local telephone provider. 

Q: What type of support is available for my fax solution?
A: ShoreTel Sky does not provide support for a stand-alone POTS line or fax machine, but it does provide full-service support for ShoreTel Sky Fax (email-to-fax) service. Both phone support and on-site support is included with ShoreTel Sky's Outsourced IP Phone System.

Q: Can I keep my existing fax number?
A: Yes. All fax solutions allow you to "port" your current fax number to ShoreTel Sky.

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